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Relevance and questions raised in ELZA.
Elza’s lifelong desire to reunite with a father who abandoned her is widespread.  An estimated 50% of African-American and Caribbean children are estranged from their fathers -- a shocking number, given that in many cases these fathers are alive and have simply neglected their responsibility to their children.  Is it a coincidence that in most cases these communities have a history of slavery wherein the father was forcibly taken from his family unit? Questions of skin color and ethnic appearance within the black culture are dramatically raised as the story of Elza, her father and his family unfolds with dazzling cinematography on the lush tropical island of Guadeloupe. The universal themes of this compelling film resonate immediately with audiences, and offer hope for future generations of fatherless children.

This riveting 80-minute feature, filmed on location in Paris and the the French West Indies, explores the emotional journey of a young Parisian woman who returns to her native island of Guadeloupe in search of the father she has never know.


“I’d like to share my experience as a woman Caribbean filmmaker and inspire the children around the world to dream big. ELZA is my contribution to make a difference in people’s lives. The film is an educational tool, teachers can use in their classroom to create change about class, gender, race and start a dialogue on the subject of absent fathers.”


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Mariette is available for speaking engagements & screenings at your university, high school, film society, museum, church, community center, educational institution or other non-profit organizations.

Mariette at Harlem Rennaissance High School -  Click to watch the beautiful video student Maribel Harmer did on child abandonment with the precious help of instructor, Melvin McCray.

Click on the play button to watch Mariette talks about her film & theatrical release @ MIST, NYC.

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